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Tall & Curvy, Ebony BBW

Elite Independent London Escort


Black Dominatrix 

Have me on your arm and find yourself in the public gaze. Do you like to travel? Are you a big foodie? Are you worldly? Do you like to engage in meaningful conversation? Do you have an interest in current affairs and culture? Do you like the company of someone who is passionate, organised, spontaneous and easy-going? Look no further as we are the perfect match!
























Due to personal commitments, I am unable to do national or international tours on a regular basis (this might change if I get enough enquiries so feel free to express your interest). However, I would be delighted to be your private and exclusive travel escort and visit countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle-East, North-America and beyond. Treat yourself to a glamorous, sensual and curvaceous travel escort and request an exclusive fly-me-to-you or travel arrangement. Whisk me away to Dubai, UAE, Abu Dabi or Qatar and let me be your Habibi so I can soak up the Arabian sun and make lovely memories with you in the desert. Take me shopping in your favourite malls or be my personal tour guide and show me your favourite hidden gems. I have always been intrigued by Asia and Australia. I would love to explore countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Bali, Thailand and the beautiful islands of the Pacific Ocean. Let’s get naughty on the beach or have cocktails at the hotel’s swim-up bar.

Take me home to Amsterdam and relieve me from homesickness. Let’s take long walks along the canals, pluck a handful of tulips and visit the best steakhouses or fish restaurants in town. Let me give you a unique experience of my beautiful country. We can expand our trip to Amsterdam and combine it with an adventurous road trip to Belgium, France or Germany.

Treat yourself to a person-tailored, exclusive, high-class and luxurious travel escort and companion. Let us have a unique and truly memorable experience and enjoy a relaxing, luxurious, personal, engaging and stress-free encounter with me as your travel companion.

I'm now semi-retired and my availability is limited to

Mon-Fri 6pm until 10pm or anytime during the weekends 


Please use the form below to contact me for any booking requests or queries.

Please ensure that all information listed below is clearly stated.



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