My Queen

Your voice is enough to make me melt.

But it's your lips that make me crumble.

The sight of your lips sends me to a moment I've not yet lived.

When you speak, I'm focused on how they part: the graceful movements subtle gestures.

I envision your mouth melding with mine and my mind is sent to another world. An isle full of noises, sounds, and sweet airs that give delight and banish my doubts

Temptation drips from your skin doused with melanin, it calls me, I can feel my lips gracing every inch of you. My body shivers as 1000 playing instruments serenading this scene. The sweet sounds hum in my ears.

The image in my mind's eye, so vivid turning my desires into a reality, so palpable, it leaves me dazed, like I had waked after a long sleep, only to be plunged back into a dream. And then, in dreaming, the clouds would open and show me their riches, ready to drop upon me. But this momentary mirage is fleeting. And I awake longing for Olivia.

With every lick of your lips, I wish it were I giving them that gloss, that sheen.

Just so I could know how you taste. What it must be like to taste a Goddess, share that sweet air, surrender to the serenity. My Queen.

So the next time your tongue graces the skin and you bite down on that plump bottom lip, I hope you'll think of me.

Just as I think of you.

I will savour each flavour as though it were my last, my appetite forever unsatisfied.

My palate prematurely accustomed to the taste, the sweetness that drips from every single kiss from your lips.

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